Community organisations are the life blood of our society.

CDM Co-ordinator Sheringham Community ProjectOperating with their own carefully managed assets, from public donations or grant funding, getting best value is of utmost importance for community bodies whether they be a religious group or institution or a local organisation or charity.

Whether it be a new investment or capital project or the maintenance and repair of an existing building, any community organisation will want to ensure that they get the most out of their money and that their money works as hard as possible for the aims of the organisation.

If you are acquiring or taking a lease out on a property to run your venture from you will want to ensure it meets your needs and will not be a cause of any unexpected expense in the future. Our building surveys will give you a full picture of the property before you make a commitment and a condition survey will protect your position for dilapidations.Quantity Surveyor Norfolk Lifeboat Project

Running a property brings with it many responsibilities. Our review of its statutory compliance will ensure your property does not bring with it any risk to conforming with legislation. We can carry out a fire risk assessment which must be in place for all premises and access consultancy services to ensure your services are fully accessible.

To help you plan your expenditure to keep your buildings in serviceable condition we can prepare a planned maintenance survey.

Project Managers Community ProjectsIf you need space for your services to expand, a feasibility study will enable you to weigh up your options.If a new build or extension is needed then we can support your project as part of a design team as cost cosultants and manage health and safety as CDM 2015 Advisors. We can also manage the design process and obtain planning permission and steer the project to a successful completion as project managers.

We understand community organisations and enjoy working with committed individuals and committees, helping them realise their goals.

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