There is no longer any doubt that the world’s resources are finite; it is therefore imperative that we consider future generations and reduce our use of these precious resources, both during construction and during the lifetime of the building.

With whole life cycle engineering, the initial design for a building has to be economic on resources whilst not adversely increasing the cost for the developer. New rules require buildings to display their sustainability credentials and as energy efficient buildings cost less to operate and maintain they can command a premium, whether selling or renting.

The Daniel Connal Partnership has expertise in the design and development of large sustainable developments, using recycled materials, and materials that can be easily deconstructed and recycled at the end of the buildings life.  Making sure that these materials are used in such a way to ensure that the building is economical to construct and operate throughout its life cycle.

Many developments need to include sustainable components such as living walls, green roofs, or renewable energy systems. The Daniel Connal Partnership has comprehensive experience of these systems and the benefits, disadvantages, costs and savings that can be attributed to them.

BREEAM is becoming common place on both new build and refurbishment schemes and the Daniel Connal Partnership has wide experience of dealing with this and providing the necessary information to the assessing bodies. We understand the importance of becoming involved with the assessment particulars at an early stage in the development to ensure compliance on completion.