Safety Training

Accidents will happen …. ?

Reduce the odds with one of our accredited safety training courses

The Construction Industry is still widely recognised as one of the most dangerous for workers.  Almost every conceivable hazard exists within this ever changing work environment.

Major accidents make the news headlines but minor accidents, also occur everyday.  Unguarded saws, unstable ladders, heavy loads, naked flame, hazardous Printchemicals, heavy machinery, can all add up to ‘an accident waiting to happen’.  Without the benefit of expert training, the chances are that, sooner or later, it will.

DCP Training Courses

At DCP we believe that training is important.  It isn’t just about formal ‘classroom’ courses and obtaining certificates.  It is about imparting vital, valuable information in a professional but relaxed manner that reduces risk and could ultimately save lives.

People learn in different ways and we match our course delivery to your requirements – ‘tool box’ talks in situ or classroom based presentation.  We have a wealth of experience in providing expert accredited training in the format that suits you best.  Our skilled trainers will guide your workforce step by step through every aspect of their course providing the knowledge and confidence they need to pass.

Our most popular courses include:

  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Manual Handling

For further information on these courses or any other training related enquiry please contact Mark Price on 01206 751284