CDM 2015 specifies that a Construction Phase Plan is required on EVERY project, irrespective of size or duration.

DSC05598CDM 2015 embeds health and safety considerations at the core of all construction projects.  The Regulations ensure that health & safety is considered throughout the design and construction process and that arrangements for appropriate health & safety measures are integral to the successful delivery of a project.  Key to this process is the requirement for a Construction Phase Plan

Previously a Construction Phase Plan (CPP) was only required on HSE Notifiable Projects (usually those lasting over 30 days), but that all changed with the introduction of CDM 2015 and now a CPP is required on every single project, commercial or domestic and regardless of whether it will take six months, a week or an afternoon to complete.

If you are a client, commissioning any kind of building work, large or small, you have a responsibility under CDM 2015 to ensure a Construction Phase Plan is in place.

What is a CPP?
Simply it is a document that must log the health & safety arrangements for the construction phase of a project, recording how significant health & safety risks will be managed including specific measures for the categories listed in Schedule 3 of the Regulations.CPP 4

Information to include?
The emphasis is on including information that is relevant to the project, has sufficient detail to clearly set out & communicate the health and safety arrangements, the site rules and any special measures required to manage the construction but is still proportionate to the scale and complexity of the project and risks involved.

Who is responsible for the CPP?
The responsibility for producing the CPP rests with the Principal Contractor or Sole Contractor, but it is the duty of the Client to ensure that a Construction Phase Plan is in place.  On a large project your appointment of a Principal Designer might include checking an appropriate CPP is in place, and on a domestic project this responsibility will have automatically discharged to the builder but for small projects and maintenance activities where you don’t have a design team in place this responsibility will rest with the client.

Alarm bells ringing yet?
Don’t panic.  If you are  undertaking building work just ask the question of your Contractor, have they prepared  a Construction Phase Plan?  If the answer is no – we can help.  Our extensive health & safety and design experience make us ideally placed to help produce an appropriate Construction Phase Plan for your project and also provide expert assistance and advice on any other CDM 2015 related matter.

Need help with producing a CPP or with any other CDM related query?
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