We all appreciate the historic places around us. They reflect the history and culture of our communities and provide a physical link to the past. Historic properties can be visitor attractions and businesses in their own right but many are buildings in which we live and work. It can therefore sometimes be forgotten that these places require maintaining not only for the time in which you are in occupation but also to safeguard them for future generations.




Our expert knowledge of historic buildings, the legislation and best practice around them allows us to provide advice on how best to maintain, extend and alter these buildings whilst protecting and conserving what makes them historic. Our involvement on other projects extends from simple advice on defects and maintenance to full scale redevelopment of historic properties to make them diverse and cost effective into the future. We believe that any Client taking on an historic property must do so with their eyes open and we aim to do this not through shocks but through understanding explanation so that they are excited about what they are entering into.

Our principle aim in any heritage or conservation project is to help the Client identify the value of the heritage within their property, how this can be highlighted and incorporated early in the design process and then help them to accommodate their requirements and needs around this asset.



Case Studies

Petre Chapel Spire

Petre Chapel, Thornden Park, Essex


High Street Brentwood, Project Management, Contract Admininstor, Architectural Services and CDM-C by Daniel Connal Partnership Surveyors in London, Colchester, Essex and Norwich, Norfolk

High St, Brentwood


Kensington Central Library

High Street, Dereham

High Street, Dereham

Grade II Listed Church

Cambridge Hall (Tin Tabernacle), Kilburn

Quebec Hotel Leeds 2

Quebec Hotel Leeds

Clare Priory, Suffolk

Clare Priory, Suffolk

Free Trade Wharf