Vendor Surveys

A vendor survVendor Surveys, Danial Connal Partnershipey enables you to obtain an independent analysis of your property. That way you can be sure that the purchaser isn’t going to come across a problem that affects the sale, delays completion, reduces the selling cost or even means the deal falls through.

The survey can also be relied upon by the purchaser and their funders, thus eliminating the need for buyers to arrange their own surveys.

Each survey we carry out is tailored to the individual needs of the client. Our starting point is your specific purpose and objectives.

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In addition to advising on building defects our surveys will also advise on whether a property complies with all statutory regulations that are required to occupy a property together and comment on planning, legal and environmental issues that may affect the property.

We will also co-ordinate any specialist consultants that may be required with regards to services installations, deleterious materials testing and land contamination

It is often the case that vendor surveys need to be carried out quickly to prevent delay to a property transaction. With our extensive team of building surveyors we are able to mobilise rapidly to ensure properties are inspected quickly with a fast turnaround of reports.

A vendor’s survey enhances your control of the transaction process.